Household Storage

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Household Storage Crisis at Home? Help is Here.

If your garage is so full you haven’t been able to park your car in it for years. We get it. Or you’ve got the travel bug and need to store some gear for the season. YOLO. Your significant other has started watching Marie Kondo and you’re not ready to purge. No judgment here. Whatever the story, consider renting some extra storage to get your household storage situation under control once and for all. Renting space for extra storage is more affordable than you may think.

So whether you’re looking to travel light or need to find somewhere to safely store your stuff, such as seasonal storage, we make it hassle-free with a variety of unit sizes to choose from. Our purpose-built facility close to the Queenstown CBD is electronically monitored to provide a high level of security for your household storage. Can you say that about your mate’s garage?


household storage crisis

Sort this out…

household storage

To make room for something better.