Short-Term Storage in Queenstown

Short Term Storage

Storage units large and small available weekly or monthly. And if you don’t require access until pick up, we offer discounted rates per item for our Drop and Go service.  


Looking for Short-Term Storage in Queenstown?

If you’re having trouble finding short-term storage in Queenstown, we have solutions that make it really simple and affordable for you. Have you rung around only to be told you can’t access your storage unit when you need to or there are no units available, but they can add you to the end of a long waiting list? We’ve been there too.

Queenstown seems to have an abundance of sunshine, beautiful views and bars, amongst other things. But one of the gripes we hear often is that Queenstown is lacking convenient short-term storage at an affordable price. We custom built the Extra Storage Queenstown facility to address the shortage of storage Queenstown is famous for. But now there’s a simple solution. With a variety of lock-up units located just a couple of kilometers from the Queenstown CBD with keypad access any time night or day, year round, we’ve got your temporary storage issues covered.

So whether you need a little extra short-term storage in Queenstown to stash some gear while you wait for your house to be built, or found the perfect seasonal rental but it’s fully furnished, you can rest assured your precious stuff is safe, dry and accessible when you need it again.

Or if you’ve dusted off your passport and packed your backpack but not sure you trust your flatmates to take care of your belongings, put it in short-term storage and we’ll take care of it until you get back. Whatever your situation, we here to help make the transition a little less stressful knowing your stuff is safe with us.

All storage available long or short term


24/7 access in multiple sizes


For individual items including luggage 


Cars, boats, caravans, etc

If you can’t find what you need right away, feel free to contact us.

Our answer is almost always ‘yes’!