Odd-Item Storage

Save money on storage for single items you don’t need access to until your pick-up date. Ask about our odd-item storage rates.

Priced based on square meter rate per item

What is odd-item storage?

Odd-item storage is something we came up with for people who didn’t want or need their own storage unit. A storage unit of your own that you can access whenever you want 24/7 is wonderful. But sometimes you just need to store an item or two and forget about it until you’re ready to pick it up again, right?

We’ve had clients ring us up and ask if we could store a spare bed, their favourite couch that’s too big for their current flat, their longboards, or a bulky item for them for a set period of time. The answer is: Absolutely. If you only have one or two bulky items to store and don’t need to access them until the pick-up date, we’ll store it for you securely and charge by the square meter per item. You can drop it off with us and forget about it until you’re ready to pick it up again.

We’ll keep it safe for you until you’re ready to come and pick it up again. Call us and get a quote today for odd-item storage.

odd-item storage